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Careers at Maroc Telecom


​Maroc Telecom adopts an attractive recruitment policy which reflects its human resources vision.

Maroc Telecom adjusts its recruitment policy to anticipate strategic challenges. Its objective is to attract best talents, promote diversity and equal opportunities and enhance competence and commitment.

Moreover, Maroc Telecom supports its new recruits by facilitating their integration, offering them a dynamic and unifying work conditions. It also provides quality supervision and individual attention to achieve personal development.​

Competence development

Maroc Telecom promotes skill recognition and development by providing innovative projects and adequate training throughout the employee's professional life.

Mobility, which is the root of employees' development, reflects the company's will to give an impulse to employees careers. It is a fundamental step in the life of employees that contributes to the success of their professional plan. Mobility is also a skill-development tool that allows employees to live new experiences and open up to other horizons and career opportunities overseas. 


Competitiveness and fairness are the foundations of Maroc Telecom compensation policy. The Company ensures internal equity and competitive wages compared to the market. It also readjusts the compensation according to individual performance and job mastery. In addition to the fixed salary, Maroc Telecom offers variable remuneration that rewards the contribution of employees in the achievement of the company's objectives.

Social benefits

Maroc Telecom provides to its employees and their families a wide range of social benefits and services to ensure their convenience.

Maroc Telecom offers an enhanced social protection including healthcare packages and retirement plans. Each employee can benefit from an additional medical coverage enabling him/her to have a refund regarding medical expenses and a complementary pension scheme to enjoy a restful future.

Moreover, Maroc Telecom financially supports its employees to become owners of their homes at subsidized rates, to acquire their individual mean of transport, to perform the duty of pilgrimage or to spend a family holiday in summertime centers or tourist residences with special discounted rates.

Collective agreement

The first wealth of Maroc Telecom is its human resources. The group eve to protect them and offer them the best working environment. Thus in 2004, Maroc Telecom and its social partners have signed the first collective agreement which regulates work relations between employees and Maroc Telecom. This agreement guides the human resources management and ensures a new framework that offers more benefits, development opportunities and promotions to all employees.

This agreement is the first to govern the telecommunication sector in Morocco.​