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Filiales et Participations

Scholarships and prizes for excellence

Training of young people is part of the Group's social concerns.

Maroc Telecom is aware that this is an essential investment in social and economic development and devotes significant resources to it.

​"Encouraging the brightest youth of our country is a duty for a company like Maroc Telecom which considers that it has a responsibility towards them. It is important to value their efforts and encourage their aspirations as they will drive the economic and social development of Morocco, tomorrow. They fully deserve our support ''

Statement of Mr. Abdeslam Ahizoune, the Chairman of Management Board during the award ceremony "Imtiyaz '' in 2014 ​​


Since 2006, the association “Maroc Telecom for Enterprise Creation and Employment Promotion”, currently named “MOSSANADA” grants scholarships to deserving and disadvantaged students , as well as excellency prices “Imtiyaz” to the best high school graduates.