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Bridging the digital divide

Réduire-la-fracture-numérique13.jpgMaroc Telecom has always cared about ensuring maximum coverage of the territories by its telecommunications networks and enabling a wide use of new technologies by the greatest number.

to reduce the digital divide, it deploys its telecommunications infrastructures even in the most remote areas of the Kingdom.

Maroc Telecom has taken in charge over 80% of PACTE (Program of Access to Telecoms), which has been launched to eliminate the "white areas" of the Kingdom – The areas not covered by telecommunications networks. PACTE is funded by the Universal Service Fund.

Nearly 7 300 locations were covered by Maroc Telecom; people had thus the possibility to access to basic services such as health and weather forecasts, precious for farmers. 20 000 other locations were also covered by Maroc Telecom outside the PACTE program.

Maroc Telecom is the first operator to have lunched in the market in 2017 a "Broadband Internet through satellite VSAT" offer, with a total coverage of Moroccan territory. This way of accessing to the Internet via satellite transmission allows to benefit from a stable and efficient connection even in the most remote localities of Morocco.

(Film about bridging the digital divide)​​

Maroc Telecom has achieved an ambitious project which is connecting its subsidiaries in West Africa by a terrestrial fiber-optic cable, stretching 5 300 km, the Trans-African cable. Réduire-la-fracture-numérique.jpg

The Trans-African is now serving Morocco, Mauritania, Mali and Burkina Faso. It is connected to Europe and Asia through a system of submarine cables to which Maroc Telecom  has access, among them 2 cables have been built with its own funds:  the Atlas Offshore and the Loukkos cables.

The Trans-African allows enhancing the connectivity of countries with the rest of the world and bringing telecommunication services to remote areas. It provides sufficient capacities to subsidiaries to develop their phone and internet networks.