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Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Contributing to economic and social development

Support to education and training for young people  (MT2E)

New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have a positive impact on the economic development of countries. The role of Maroc Telecom Group in local economic development is therefore crucial and decisive.
Scholarships to deserving students

Since 2006, the Maroc Telecom Association for Business and Job Creation (MT2E) has awarded merit-based scholarships of up to five years (valid in Morocco or abroad) to students whose families cannot afford to finance their higher education.

Since 2011, the number of scholarships granted by Maroc Telecom has been increased from 40 to 160 per year. Since the beginning of this action, more than 700 scholarships have been awarded, including 8 for further studies abroad.

“Imtiyaz” prizes for the best junior high-school degree students

MT2E also awards annual excellence prizes baptized "Imtiyaz". These prizes have been awarded since 2006 for top national or regional scores on the high-school baccalaureate examination and since 2011 to the children of employees who score  "très bien" (A or A+) on the same exam; and since 2011, to children of employees who have completed their junior high school degree with first class honors. So far, 819  "Imtiyaz”    prizes  were presented, including 180 prizes to employees’ children.

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Support for the Government’s  ICT strategy for educationSupport  for education and training of youth

Youth training is part of the Group’s societal concerns. Recognizing that this is an essential investment for social and economic development, Maroc Telecom is the main contributor to three national programs : Injaz, Nafid@, and Génie ; launched as part of the 2013Digital Morocco strategy. The common goal of these programs is to promote access to ICTs and their ownership by the school community.

As part of these programs, Maroc Telecom has installed multimedia rooms in nearly 1,300 schools and enabled nearly 66 000 students and nearly 192,000 teachers to benefit from Internet connections and laptops at affordable prices.

The “Génie” program was initiated by the Ministry of Education with the Moroccan telecom regulator’s (ANRT) participation. It is supported by the Universal Service Fund (funded for up to two-thirds by Maroc Telecom). 1 296 schools have been equipped by Maroc Telecom with ADSL Internet access with a filtering solution as well as with multimedia facilities in a total of 2,629 schools equipped under this program, contributing over 49% (from 5 operators).

Injaz enables students to be equipped with computers and internet connections at great rates. It is funded by the Universal Service Fund and the telecom operators, and has benefited 85 000 students (at the end of september 2013); 66,000 students were equipped with Maroc Telecom at the end of June 2014, representing 59 % in this program.

Nafid@ is a program for teachers launched at the initiative of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the promotion of Social works  aiming at having teachers benefit from an internet connection at special rates. It is subsidized by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Works alongside as well as by the Universal Service Fund and the telecom operators. As of June 2014, more than 192,000 teachers had been equipped with a Maroc Telecom Internet connection, out of the 250,000 teachers who had benefited from the program,  which is a contribution of 70 % among  the 3 telecom operators. Maroc Telecom has also offered to teachers outside the program, favorable connection rates for periods of three years, first time in 2008 and maintains benefits granted even after the three-year period; and a second time in 2011.

In addition to its support to community access to the Internet for schools, colleges and universities, Maroc Telecom opened free Wi-Fi connections in public spaces in Casablanca, Marrakech (“Arsat Moulay Abdeslam” Cyberpark), Agadir (seafront promenade), and in summer at the M 'diq (a city on the Mediterranean sea) .