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encouraging sports

foo.jpgMaroc Telecom promotes and contributes to the development of national sport which represents a major element in the learning of citizenship and takes nowadays several dimensions :

  • a vector of essential values such as ​​: team spirit, solidarity, discipline, self-improvement, rigor...
  • an incubator of talent
  • a significant economic tool, serving  populations.

Maroc Telecom supports Football, the most popular and practiced sport in the Kingdom. It has been the Official Partner of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation since 2000 and also of the National Group of Football. So, Maroc Telecom has accompanied the national teams in the major events as the Arab Cup, the African Nations Cup, the Olympic Games or even the World Cup Clubs.

Maroc telecom is Title Sponsor of the National Championship Botola which carries the name of "Botola Maroc Telecom" starting from the season 2015-2016. Maroc Telecom is also the official partner of national teams and of the Morocco Throne Cup.

d.jpgTrack and Field is the sport that has given the greatest Moroccan champions their most memorable moments: Aouita, Moutawakil, Bidouane and El Guerrouj...  The most beautiful Moroccan Olympic medals were won in Track and Field. Maroc Telecom supports this sport to contribute to the international promotion of the Moroccan high performance athletes.
Maroc Telecom has been the first and the official partner of the Royal Moroccan Track and Field Federation since 1999. With its support, the Federation was able to enrich the training programs to detect new talents and to make investments to continue increasing the level of Moroccan athletes.

Maroc Telecom participates in many events organized by the Federation or under its auspices, such as Athletics Meeting Mohammed VI, the Throne Cup, Continental Cup, the Federal Cross Championships, the Cross areas and the African Championships.

darsalam.jpgMaroc Telecom also supports the development of many other sports in the Kingdom. Maroc Telecom is the Official Partner of the Royal Moroccan Equestrian Sports Federation (“FRMSE”), as well as the Golf Hassan II Trophy Association (“ATH”), the Royal Moroccan Tennis Federation (“FRMT”), the Royal Moroccan Cycling Federation and the Royal Moroccan Motonautic Federation.

It is present in several competitions organized by these federations or associations such as the Hassan II Trophy of traditional equestrian arts, the week of horse, the Morocco Royal Tour, the Throne Cup, the Hassan II Golf Trophy, Lalla Meryem Golf Cup, The Grand Prix Hassan II (tennis) and Mohamed VI Price (jet ski).