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Fostering the country's socioeconomic development

fiber-optic-ditch.jpgThe New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have a positive impact on the economic development. The role of Maroc Telecom Group in local economic development is, therefore, essential and decisive.

With the largest network of fiber optic cables in Morocco, of around 45,000 km of urban and intercity cables by the end of 2015, Maroc Telecom has a very important operational technology base to provide innovative services in the best conditions of time and quality.

Maroc Telecom has been investing massively for many years in its networks to expand their coverage, continuously improve their quality and performance and thereby to support its customers - both individuals and businesses - towards evermore advanced digital uses.

With a budget of 10 billion dirhams for the period 2013 to 2015, Maroc Telecom undertakes an important program of networks modernization, with the rollout of very high speed broadband.

The set of mobile network infrastructure is concerned, through a radical and complete renewal of existing technologies. Most of current equipments for mobile network are replaced with the most advanced technology currently available. For fixed-line internet -with ADSL-, access equipments, called MSAN (Multi Service Access Node) were deployed closer to customers, in order to offer higher transmission rates. The optical fiber is brought to the home to make available the 100 megabit speeds.

These actions were accompanied by increases in capacity in the submarine cables to further strengthen the international connectivity.

Maroc Telecom supports business creation through its offers helping SMEs, VSEs, and professionals in starting their businesses.

It also partners with public actors for implementing projects that promote the adoption of ICT in early-stage businesses or cooperatives, to improve their productivity (eg support for "Infitah", program of the National Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises; support for "Bidayati", program of the Regional Investment Center of Casablanca; partnership with ”Maroc Taswiq” to set up a "Toile Solidaire Virtuelle" ("Virtual Solidarity Web")…)

Furthermore, Maroc Telecom's activity has a favorable impact on job creation: More than 127 000 indirect jobs have been created in the Kingdom: resellers, subcontractors, cyber cafes or cyber centers…

Maroc Telecom contributes substantially to the revenues of the Moroccan state, with more than 125 billion dirhams for the last 12 years.