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Partnerships in music, cinema, theater, painting, publishing..

bouquets_d_arts_visuel.jpgMaroc Telecom encourages all forms of cultural and artistic expressions, sources of fulfillment and well-being of communities. It supports music, cinema, theater, publishing, etc.

It supports every year many music and audiovisual festivals that occur in all regions of Morocco. It promotes national and international renowned festivals such as Mawazine Festival, the Marrakech International Film Festival, The Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival or the Fez Festival of Sacred Music, not to mention the regional festivals that aim to perpetuate the traditional folk arts such as the Tangier Touiza Festival and the El Jadida Jawhara Festival.

Maroc Telecom has largely funded the recording of an anthology of popular music of Morocco in partnership with the Ministry of Culture.

Since 2002, Maroc Telecom is the exclusive partner of the National Theatre Mohammed V in Rabat. This space for the dissemination of culture needed a partner to support a wide variety of programming (music, theater, cinema, dance…) that offers to the public the opportunity to rediscover the classics as well as to open them up to modern works (Moroccan or Foreign)

To promote Moroccan heritage, Maroc Telecom acquired forty works of leading Moroccan artists including paintings and sculptures, with the help of the Ministry of Culture.

It has participated in publishing several books that tell the history and culture of Morocco as " the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Morocco "; "60 years of photography in Morocco" ; "50 years of photographs, Maradji , witness of his time " and " Writings and Spirits" of the painter Mehdi Kotbi .

In 2012, Maroc Telecom participated in the program for the digital preservation of the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BNRM) heritage, through financial and technical support for the storage, preservation, and consultation, in digital format, of precious works (manuscripts, lithographs) that would otherwise have been lost.