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Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Subsidiaries & equity interest

International development focused on Africa

Relying on its leadership position in Morocco in all of its business lines, and its technical and marketing know-how, Maroc Telecom is extending its presence and expertise on the international scene.

In April 2001, Maroc Telecom acquired Mauritel, the incumbent operator in Mauritania.

In December 2006, it took over Onatel, the public operator in Burkina Faso.

In February 2007, Gabon Telecom is acquired.

In July 2009, Maroc Telecom acquired Sotelma in Mali.

A reference operator

The goal for Maroc Telecom is the same for all of these subsidiaries: to make them reference operators in their country, to ultimately make Maroc Telecom an important player in the region and help them develop new information and communication technologies.

Modernizing telecommunications

An important share of the subsidiaries’ sales is dedicated for investment. This effort helped modernize the infrastructures, innovate, and provide a quality service at ever lower prices, thus democratizing telephony in Africa.

Good performance

The results of subsidiaries responded concretely to this strategy, by achieving a very good performance, especially in terms of quality of service, improvement of their market shares, and growth in sales.

As of June 2014, all the subsidiaries had 17.5 million customers for the mobile customer base, 19% more than in June 2013. The mobile customer base has seen a significant growth of 21.8% in Mali and continues to grow in Gabon (16.6%); in Burkina Faso, Onatel has exceeded the threshold of 5 million customers.