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Mauritel, a telephony leader in Mauritania

Mauritel is an overall telephony operator, that is a leader in fixed telephony, mobile telephony and Internet services.

It provides the most modern telecommunications services to 90% of the Mauritanian population, and its overall market share is 60 %.

Maroc Telecom, a reference shareholder of Mauritel

Mauritel was created in 1999 from the splitting of the Office des Postes et des Télécommunications,  that gave rise to two companies, one dedicated to the postal services, and the another one to telecommunications.

On April 12, 2001, Maroc Telecom won the international tender launched by the Government of Mauritania for the sale of a 54 % stake in Mauritel.

In order to associate Mauritanian investors to the development of Mauritel, Maroc Telecom created in January 2002 the Compagnie Mauritanienne de Communication (CMC), to which it brought all of the securities it held in Mauritel. Maroc Telecom then sold on June 06, 2002, 20 % of this subsidiary to Mauritanian investors.

In 2003, CMC sold 3% of Mauritel to its staff in accordance with the commitments made during the privatization in 2001.

Mauritel’s share capital is divided today as follows:

  • Mauritanian State : 46 %
  • CMC (Strategic Partner and Mauritanian private investors) : 51%
  • Socipam (Mauritel’s staff): 3%

An overall operator

Mauritel provides fixed telephony services (voice and data), mobile telephony, and Internet access.

Undisputed leader in fixed telephony

The telecommunications market is open in Mauritania since the granting in 2009 of two fixed telephony licenses to Mattel and Chinguitel. Mauritel remains however the only landline operator in Mauritania. Its fleet is made up of 41,000 lines (2011) and 7,000 ADSL Internet subscribers (2011).

To ensure its growing needs for international connectivity (telephony, Internet bandwidth), Mauritel participated in 2010 for up to 20% in an economic interest grouping which includes all the Mauritanian telecom