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Subscription to the United Nations Global Compact

In 2012, Maroc Telecom has established itself as a socially responsible company that subscribes  to the UNGC.. Its Chairman and CEO, Abdeslam . Ahizoune , sent a request for accession to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr.   Ban Ki Moon.

Through this voluntary process,  Maroc Telecom took the commitment  to integrate and promote the fundamental principles of human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and fight against corruption.

Each year, Maroc Telecom publishes its annual report ''Communication on Progress'' (COP) explaining the action taken under the Global Compact. The first report was published on the website of Global Compact in November 2013 and on the site of Maroc Telecom .

By showing its willingness to join the UN Global Compact, Maroc Telecom has taken another step in its sustainable development policy.