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Sports sponsoring

Maroc  Telecom, support to national sports

Maroc Telecom, support to national sports

Supporting national sports is a commitment that is particularly close to Maroc Telecom’s heart. Sports convey values ​​that Maroc Telecom identifies to: team spirit, solidarity, discipline, perseverance, self-confidence.
Supporting sports concerns both high-performance sports and the general audience, especially for children and youth.

Institutional partner of Football and Track-and-Field

Maroc Telecom is a key partner of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation since 2000 and the Royal Moroccan Track-and-Field Federation since 1999. It offers them a significant and ongoing financial support.
Maroc Telecom accompanies national football teams in major events such as the Arab Cup and the African Cup of Nations, the Olympic Games, or even the World Cup.

Support to other sports

Maroc Telecom also supports the Royal Moroccan Federation for Equestrian Sports and the Royal Moroccan Tennis Federation.
It offers its support by sponsoring other sports such as golf (Hassan II Golf Trophy, Maroc Telecom Golf Trophy), equestrian sports (Hassan II Trophy for traditional equestrian arts), or water sports, such as Jet Ski.

Young sports talents

Since 2007, Maroc Telecom supports the Mohamed VI Football Academy that hosts every year some one hundred  young players. It provides them with a high level of training to turn them into professional players.
Maroc Telecom is also since 2009, a partner of the "Caravan for talent identification" of the Royal Moroccan Track-and-Field Federation. Each year, the caravan travels to a region of Morocco in search of high potential youth. Detected talents are integrated into the nearest track-and-field clubs.
Maroc Telecom’s sport school, The Rabat Athletic Club (ACR), founded in 2001, provides training in football and track-and-field. It has received to date more than 700 students aged 6 to 17, of which one third are children of the staff.
The football section of the ACR transferred fifteen talented students to major sports training centers and national and international clubs.