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Mobile telephony and health


Maroc Telecom is particularly careful about telecommunications and health, and takes into account safety standards and international precautionary principles. Maroc Telecom ensures that all mobile phones sold in its packs comply with the most rigorous safety instructions. It selects appropriate sites for the installation of antennas and respects international public exposure limits to electromagnetic radiation. It also requires manufacturers to be very vigilant regarding compliance.

Audits are carried out by the national regulator on installed antennas to verify compliance with the public exposure limits to electromagnetic radiation. The measurement results on Maroc Telecom’s antennas have always been in conformity with international standards.
In addition, Maroc Telecom conducts its own measurement campaigns on about 500 antennas each year. The electromagnetic radiations are far below the thresholds set out by current standards.

Moreover, Maroc Telecom communicates with people seeking information on health and mobile telephony. It organizes information meetings to answer questions and possible concerns regarding the implementation of antennas. Residents near antennas who express their worries are always received by regional managers.

Maroc Telecom has published a booklet entitled "Mobile Telephony and safety: a focus by Maroc Telecom " and a second one in collaboration with the Moroccan Association of Telecoms Professionals (MATI)(*) entitled "the proper usage of mobile phones”. These documents explain in a pedagogic way how mobile phones and antennas work and remind some safety principles.

Download "Du bon usage de la téléphonie mobile" FV​

(*)Moroccan Association of Telecoms Professionals (MATI) was born from common reflection between Maroc Telecom, Orange and Inwi, to promote the sector and dialogue between operators and their environment.​