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Protecting personal data

Maroc Telecom has established a Charter for Data Security, which lays out the relevant internal rules that employees should respect when using messaging, IT systems and Internet, inside Maroc Telecom or in their dealings with suppliers. The objective is to ensure data security and the protection of personal data of Maroc Telecom’s employees and customers.

More specific charters are also distributed to employees in sales, retailers, people in repairing centers or systems administrators, to promote accountability, in using different information they are handling, in the course of their professional duties and activities.

Maroc Telecom has a traceability of information systems in place; controls and audits are conducted regularly to ensure compliance with all of these charters, particularly within the context of the certification ISO 27001 Version 2013.​

1630.jpgSince the creation of the National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (“CNDP”) in November 15, 2010, Maroc Telecom had a period of 2 years (until 15 November 2012) to comply with the Law 09-08 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data.

A Maroc Telecom representative has been designated to ensure, in coordination with the National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data, that Maroc Telecom abides by the provisions of the law and maintains its level of conformity.

Maroc Telecom has notified to the “CNDP” all its treatments of personal data and has obtained the approval of the Commission in December 2013.