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ICTs for education

Maroc Telecom is the main contributor to three national programs: “Génie”, “Injaz” and “Nafid@” launched as part of the 2013 Digital Morocco strategy. These programs have in common to promote access to ICTs and their ownership by the school community.

The “Génie” program was initiated by the Ministry of Education with the Moroccan telecom regulator’s (ANRT) participation. The infrastructure component of the program is to connect schools to the internet with a filtering solution to protect students from sensitive contents. Maroc Telecom has achieved, during the first two phases of “Génie” supported by the Universal Service Fund more than 49% of this program (among 5 operators) by equipping nearly 1 300 schools. It has also provided nearly 400 schools among these, with multimedia equipments.

As part of the third phase of this program launched in 2016, Maroc Telecom was attributed 3,200 schools to the internet ADSL with filtering solutions, representing a major participation of 41% among four operators.

2009, “Injaz” enables students to be equipped with computers and internet connections at great prices. It is funded by the Universal Service Fund and the telecom operators. Maroc Telecom has designed innovative offers for the benefit of more than 88,600 students (at the end of 2016), Maroc Telecom is contributing 69% to the Injaz among 3 operators.

“Nafid@” is a program launched in 2008 by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Work, to allow teachers to equip themselves with laptops and have internet connections at interesting prices, thanks to subsidies from the Universal Service Funds, the Foundation and telecom operators.

By the end of 2016, more than 233 000 teachers had been equipped by Maroc Telecom, which represents a contribution of 71 % to the program, among 3 telecom operators.