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Humanitaire et oeuvres sociales

Taking into account the increasingly important role that Foundations and Associations play in social life, Maroc Telecom participates in the financing of activities conducted by them to promote national solidarity.

Maroc Telecom is a partner of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity. Each year it contributes to the reception in Morocco of Moroccan citizens living abroad by making available to them an exclusive call center to better inform them during their visits to their country of origin.

Recognizing that every child should have access to health and education, Maroc Telecom provides ongoing support to foundations and associations that support children with disabilities such as the Lalla Asmaa Foundation for deaf children and the Moroccan Association for the Support and Aid to individuals with Down syndrome.

To support the work of the National Observatory of Children's Rights, Maroc Telecom has set up a hotline for listening and monitoring of child abuse.

Maroc Telecom supports "L’heure Joyeuse" , a recognized public-interest charity for persons in a vulnerable situation,  that has been operating for over fifty years. The association is particularly intended to improve the condition of children and families. It carries out education and care activities on behalf of infants, and improves living conditions in rural areas through literacy, medical monitoring or rehabilitation activities.

Maroc Telecom is actively engaged with the Lalla Salma Foundation for the prevention and treatment of cancers (ALSC), particularly for its actions against tobacco.

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Maroc Telecom supports two associations fighting against AIDS   : The AIDS-control Association (ALCS) and the Panafrican Organization  for the AIDS-control (OPALCS). Maroc Telecom supports them by making available reduced-rates hotlines enabling callers to pay only local communication rates.

Maroc Telecom has helped finance the center built by the Moroccan Association “SOS Autism” in Bouskoura in the outskirts of Casablanca.

Maroc Telecom supports many other associations   :  the Moroccan League for Child Welfare (LMPE), “Les Bonnes oeuvres du Coeur” (cardiology services for the needy), the INSAF Association (cardiology services for women in distress), and other charities