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The Maroc Telecom Museum

musse.jpgMaroc Telecom opened in September 24, 2001, the first museum in Morocco dedicated to the history of technology and telecommunications. It is located since 2013 in a specially designed space on the ground floor of the Maroc Telecom Tower. It has, on more than 800 m2, a rich exhibition of objects that tells and traces the history of telephony and telecommunications, particularly in Morocco.

The museum is distinguished by the presentation of his collection that responds primarily to a didactic purpose. It was designed to be a place of learning. Most items presented and old equipment work, even the oldest. Visitors can test them with the help of experts from the museum and a choice of operating in an old manual switchboard, picking up a phone or take a audio-video guides for a virtual tour.

The museum’s organization respects both a thematic and chronological order:

  • Areas of precursors (early telegraph and telephone)
  • Areas of switching and transmission technologies
  • Areas of Telex, Internet, mobile telephony, satellite and broadcasting
  • Areas of ​​ the institutional evolution of telecommunications in Morocco,
  • Areas of future, featuring telecommunication services in the future.

Responsabilite_societale3.jpgFirst technological museum in Morocco, Maroc Telecom Museum is an active member of the International Council of Museums, the International Council of African Museums and International Committee for Museums of Science and Technology.

Opened to the public, the museum regularly animates cultural and entertaining workshops for children.

It has video and audio guide for the visual and hearing impaired.



Maroc Telecom Museum

Annakhil Avenue, 10100, Hay Ryad, Rabat.

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From Thursday to Saturday: 9am- 5pm