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Biodiversity conservation

​​Maroc Telecom is committed to promoting the environmental protection and the respect of natural heritage. The company is convinced that any threat to the environment may significantly interfere with the economic, social and human development, at both global and national level.

Maroc Telecom is a partner of the Mohammed VI Foundation of Environmental Protection.​​​

Maroc Telecom supported development work at the new Temara Zoo, which opened to the public in 2011. The zoo’s new design presents animals in their natural habitats, to preserve their well-being and immerse visitors in the discovery of animal life.

Maroc Telecom has also participated in raising young people’s awareness of biodiversity in flora and fauna, by supporting educational workshops which were organized in the zoo on three themes: “Taking care of the land,” “Exploring the animal world,” and “Do you know what I’m eating?”

Maroc Telecom has helped preserve endangered wild-animal species by supporting zoo acclimatization programs, as per current international standards.

In 1999, Maroc Telecom has participated in the reforestation of the Maâmora forest.