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Reducing the company's environmental impact

​​Maroc Telecom is committed to promoting the environmental protection and the respect of natural heritage. The company is convinced that any threat to the environment may significantly interfere with the economic, social and human development, at both global and national level.

Maroc Telecom is a partner of the Mohammed VI Foundation of Environmental Protection.​​​

rlc-small.jpgMaroc Telecom is careful about the environmental impacts of its activities. For several years, it has been strengthening its environmental responsibility by taking daily initiatives. Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, effectively managing waste and increasing consciousness among employees on the importance of an environmentally responsible behavior, are the major issues of its environmental policy.

Maroc Telecom promotes the use of biodegradable or recyclable materials such as reusable eco-friendly fabric bags and pre-paid recharge phone cards that are made with fully recycled cardboard, instead of the usual PVC.

It also promotes dematerialization among its employees, customers and partners across many solutions like the Express recharge (communications credit are activated directly on the Mobile by the retailer and immediately after the payment) or the online bill.

In order to optimize the consumption of fossil fuels, Maroc telecom continuously improves the energy efficiency of its sites and its vehicle fleet. Renewable energies are also used, especially for powering isolated technical sites. Several measures are taken to minimize the consumption of electricity such as the latest technologies, appropriate ventilation systems or specific materials for the construction of technical sites.

Moreover, Maroc Telecom regularly renews its vehicle fleet and introduces less polluting vehicles with more efficient motorization.
Employees are made aware of environmental issues through training related to sustainable development and energy and also internal communication campaigns (Eco Geste campaigns) inviting them to participate by small daily acts to preserve the planet.

eco.jpgMaroc Telecom has designed its new headquarters following five principles of high environmental quality label in order to reduce energy consumption, manage water optimally and provide a great acoustic and thermal comfort to employees.

Numerous innovations are introduced in this new building: a facade's double skin, a special glazing, solar collectors providing hot water, a rainwater catchment system, a centralized management of equipment like air conditioning, shutters and self-closing taps.

It is truly an ecologically and socially responsible project that was awarded a special mention from the jury for the Grand Prize, Tall Buildings category, at the Ecobuilding forum in Paris.