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Relations with stakeholders

Compliance with standards: strict control

Maroc Telecom is vigilant in terms of impact of telecommunications on health. It incorporates safety standards and international precautionary principles and makes sure with manufacturers that all mobile phones sold in its packages do comply with the most stringent safety guidelines. Maroc Telecom chooses suitable sites for the installation of antennas and ensures compliance with international limits in terms of public exposure to electromagnetic fields. It requires from antenna manufacturers utmost vigilance in terms of compliance.

For extra safety, Maroc Telecom conducts checks once the antennas have been installed, to verify compliance with the limits for public exposure to electromagnetic fields.

In addition to the checks carried out by the national regulator, Maroc Telecom holds annual campaigns to measure the intensity of electromagnetic waves to ensure compliance with international radiation standards. In 2013, over 600 sites were checked with results in terms of electromagnetic field radiation that were largely below the thresholds specified by standards in force.

The duty to inform: transparency and exchange of views

Maroc Telecom organizes information meetings in order to answer questions and possible concerns of customers and persons concerned by the installation of antennas. Local residents who voice concern with the operator are routinely received by regional officers of the company.

Being a member of MATI (Moroccan Telecoms Professionals Association ) that was born in the wake of a joint thinking between Maroc Telecom, Meditel and Wana, to promote thesector  and to create a forum for dialogue between operators and their environment, Maroc Telecom makes sure to reassure residents seeking information. Attentive to inform the general public, Maroc Telecom published a booklet entitled "Cell Phones and Safety   : Insights from Maroc Telecom ", and another booklet in collaboration with MATI entitled"   Good use of mobile phones." This document explains in a very pedagogical way the functioning of mobile phones and antennas and recalls some safety principles.

Maroc Telecom also organizes information meetings in order to respond to questions and concerns raised by potential customers and residents.

Compliance with environmental, health and safety standards at work (EHS)

In accordance with Moroccan law and its policy in terms of sustainable development, Maroc Telecom exercises to its best its environmental responsibility in all its technical, administrative and business sites. Environmental audits have made it possible to assess  several Maroc Telecom compounds, such as the : " « Nations Unies » in Casablanca et « Soekarno » in Rabat, « Gueliz » in Marrakech et « Ben Taymia » in Tanger, « El Adarissa » in Fès et « Hassan 1er » in Agadir.

Following the various audits, no major non-compliant point was detected. These visits reflect the good performance and activities conducted for each site to control the impact of the telecommunications activities, for the safety of employees, and reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to improving the environment.

Promoting CSR among suppliers

"Sustainable Development" clauses are included in all supplier contracts since 2010. These clauses concern the respect of fundamental human rights and labor law principles, the commitments relating to environmental protection, and commitments in terms of fight against corruption.

In order to encourage suppliers to commit to sustainable development, Maroc Telecom launched since 2012 some audits with some suppliers to verify compliance with sustainable development clauses included in contracts.​

Responsible content

The protection of youngsters against risks associated with the use of new technologies is a priority for Maroc Telecom that has taken several initiatives: careful selection of content, parental controls for the TV over ADSL service, moderation  of the SMS- MMS Zone service (chat room via SMS or MMS), moderating  of Maroc Telecom’s Facebook page  (targeting messages of a racist, heinous, pedophilic, or pornographic nature or messages that are or likely to harm human dignity), establishment of a code of ethics relating to the content of Maroc Telecom’s Kiosk SMS services marketed by third parties.

Extra financial reporting

Maroc Telecom established in 2009 sustainable development reporting indicators in the social, societal and environmental fields. This reporting refers in particular to the Law on New Economic Regulations (NRE) and the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The indicators provide key data relating to the consumption of natural resources and raw materials, on the status and evolution of staffing, and highlight the developments and performance achieved for each indicator.

In 2013, Maroc Telecom provided information for 223 non-financial indicators, including 58 societal indicators, 26 environmental indicators and 139 social indicators.

For more information, see the Activity and Sustainable Development Report.