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Supporting humanitarian actions

humanity.jpegBecause it is important to promote solidarity and help the most vulnerable, socially excluded or disadvantaged people, Maroc Telecom is committed to several national foundations and associations that carry out humanitarian actions, for the benefit of inclusive, equitable and sustainable development.

Maroc Telecom is a partner of The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity (“Fondation Mohammed V pour la Solidarité”)

The Foundation sets up a humanitarian operation "Marhaba " ( Welcome ), which is to accompany the movement of Moroccans between their country of residence in Europe and their country of origins  Morocco during the summer. Each year, Maroc Telecom participates to this operation by taking part in establishing a dedicated call center to provide useful information for administrative or medical assistance, etc.

Furthermore, Maroc Telecom annually participates to the solidarity campaign of the The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

Maroc Telecom is actively engaged with the Lalla Salma Foundation for Cancer Prevention and Treatment (“Fondation Lalla Salma - Prévention et traitement des cancers “, FLSC), particularly for its actions against tobacco.  (See The fight against tobacco.)

Every child must have the chance to access to health and education. Aware of this, Maroc Telecom provides support to associations and institutions that work to protect children and guarantee their rights, such as the Moroccan Association for the Support and Aid to individuals with Down syndrome (“l'Association Marocaine de Soutien et d'Aide aux Personnes Trisomiques”), the National Observatory of Children's Rights (“l’Observatoire National des Droits de l’Enfant”), Lalla Asmaa Foundation for deaf children ("la Fondation Lalla Asmaa pour les enfants malentendants”), "L'heure Joyeuse" Association and the “INSAF” Association.

Maroc Telecom had taken part in establishing the listening and protection center for abused children, of the National Observatory of Children's Rights and had also helped to finance a center for autistic children built by the Moroccan Association "SOS Autism" in Bouskoura.

Maroc Telecom also supports the Association for the Fight against AIDS (“l'Association de Lutte contre le Sida, ALCS”).