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Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Gabon Telecom

Gabon Telecom, telecom leader in the country

Gabon Telecom SA is the Gabonese incumbent operator, born from the  splitting of the Posts and Telecommunications Office in 2001.

Gabon  Telecom

Maroc Telecom, a majority shareholder

In June 2006, Maroc Telecom won the international competitive bid for the sale of a 51 % stake in Gabon Telecom.
In 2011, Gabon Telecom absorbed 100 % of its subsidiary Libertis it had created in 1999 to offer services in mobile telephony, an ambition it could materialize only in 2007 by landing the second mobile license.

Gabon Telecom, a universal operator

The only landline telecommunications operator in the country

Gabon Telecom provides fixed-line telephony services (voice and data) as well as Internet access. Gabon Telecom remains currently  the only national fixed-line telecommunications operator in Gabon, despite the liberalization of the sector in December 31, 2005.
However, on the internet and VSAT market, other service providers are competing with Gabon Telecom.
Gabon Telecom operates a fleet of 22,500 fixed lines (2011). The penetration rate of fixed telephony relative to the population remains low at 1.8% (2011).
Gabon Telecom offers ADSL and CDMA internet access. There were 23,500 Internet subscribers (2011).

Gabon Telecom acquired access to a SAT-3 submarine cable, enabling it to meet its own needs for international bandwidth and to commercialize international services (internet, voice) from other telecom operators.

Gabon  Telecom

Gabon Telecom, No. 2 in a highly competitive mobile market

Gabon Telecom is developing its mobile business under the Libertis brand. It offers prepaid and postpaid, voice, data, and roaming services.
Gabon's mobile market has 2.2 million mobile customers, representing a penetration rate of 143% (2011). It is highly competitive with four operators operating second-generation networks : Gabon Telecom,  Airtel (formerly Zain), Moov, and Azur.
Gabon Telecom has 532,000 Mobile customers, for the most part prepaid, and its market share stands at 21% (2011).
Gabon Telecom's network has 285 relay antennas (2011).