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Comité d'audit


Maroc Telecom has established an audit committee to strengthen its governance and better control its accounts and its management.

The Audit Committee's role is to make recommendations and/or give opinions concerning the Group’s accounting procedures.

The Committee examines individual and consolidated financial statements, accounting principles and methods, as well as the scope of consolidation, the Company’s risks and off-balance sheet commitments, as well as the procedures for selecting statutory auditors.

The Committee ascertains the consistency and effectiveness of the internal control system, follows the work program of internal and external auditors, and reviews the findings arising from their verifications.

The Committee examines any matter it considers as a risk for the Company, or any serious malfunction of the procedures.

Composition of the Audit Committee


  • Philippe Capron
    Chief Financial Officer and member of Vivendi’s Management Board


  • Nour -Eddine BOUTAYEB
    Wali, Secretary General of the Interior Ministry
  • Samir Mohammed Tazi
    Director of State-owned Enterprises and Privatization, Economy and Finance Ministry
  • Monkid MESTASSI
    Representing the Moroccan Government, retired in 2012. His replacement is underway.
  • Pierre TROTOT
    Senior Executive Vice President of SFR
  • Sandrine Dufour
    Director of Innovation at Vivendi
    Deputy Chief Financial Officer at Vivendi
    Chairman of Vivendi Mobile Entertainment (VME)